Playboy Manbaby Reflects on First National Tour & AZ Burritos

In late November, TourKidd caught up with Playboy Manbaby in Flagstaff after the final show of their national two-week tour.  The screaming punk band has long been a staple of Rubber Brother Records and the larger Phoenix music scene, fostering growth of the city’s music community through supporting small venues (such as the late Parliament, RIP) and delivering high-energy, interactive performances that make the Playboy Manbaby experience unique and addictive.  With the immense support that the band has received from their Phoenix fan base, Playboy Manbaby embarked on their first national journey this November, playing material from their new album Electric Babyman along with havoc-wreaking favorites like Falafel Pantyhose in various venues and cities, from small Vermont colleges to Brooklyn record stores.

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