Clementine: TourKidd Launch Show Series

During the launch show for the prototype of its web application, TourKidd had a chat in a basement of the Icehouse with Clementine, an indie pop-punk band from Tempe, AZ.  These guys were a lot of fun.


Introduce yourselves with your name, what you play, and your favorite dance move.

Chris Trevigne: guitar and vocals, “the funky chicken”

Christian Poor: drums, “the Soulja Boy dance”

Kristopher Wynne: bass, “the Macarena”

What’s Clementine’s game plan for the band’s first tour?

Chris: We’re still working on our shit…we’re taking all summer to become real awesome, just to practice a lot.  And I have one more year at ASU, so after that, tour…We’re taking the next six months and doing everything new, so we’ll be like a new band.

Kristopher: I’d love to [tour] the west coast…there’s just so much that it has to offer.  I feel like that’d be a missed opportunity if we didn’t take it.


How do you think the TourKidd app might help you accomplish Clementine’s goal of going on tour?

Chris: TourKidd is going to be so dope…it is filling this void that has existed for so long.…[The TourKidd app] is going to help us do the whole tour thing, but it’s going to help the community really connect with each other because there’s such a disconnect between everything right now.  I wish the best for TourKidd, and I don’t even need to because [the app] is just going to be awesome.

Khristopher: When I went to high school…I always searched the internet for this kind of particular website where you can interact with other musicians and venue and get booked, but that never existed…I thought that it’d be really cool if such a system were in place, and then I found out that TourKidd was doing that.

Christian: I think TourKidd is dope, and I think the Arizona scene is about to be super dope.


What kinds of animals would you guys be?

Chris: I know this, it’s a dolphin.

Kristopher: I’m just going to go with a mongoose.  That’s different, right? Come out of the fuckin’ night and just snatch things.


If you were to introduce someone to Clementine with only one of your guys’ songs, which one of your songs would you play for him/her?

Chris“I Miss Being a Tree”

Christian: [The song] is probably the most relatable, and most people like that one the most.

Kristopher: A lot of people know the lyrics to that one already and there seems to be some jive to it.


A quote to capture this band, this show, this moment?

Chris: I almost slept through everything.


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