Destruction Unit : TourKidd Launch Show Series

Destruction Unit wrapped up the launch show for the prototype of TourKidd’s web application. Shortly after that, TourKidd sat down with Jesco of Destruction Unit to recall his beginnings with the band, the idea of open-mindedness when it comes to playing or attending shows, and the productive future that awaits Phoenix’s psych-rock punks.



How did Destruction Unit get started and what did you have in mind as far as what you wanted to accomplish with this band, if anything at all?

Jesco: Well, when I joined… Destruction Unit was a band before I joined. So, when I joined, I didn’t really have much expectation at all because it wasn’t my band. So, it was more of just showing up and kind of, doing what I do and see if Ryan, who started started the band, whose band it was at the time I joined, like what I was doing or if I could cut it. Ryan started the band as sort of like a recording project in probably 2001, 2002. It’s been around for a long time, but there was a long period of time where it wasn’t active and he decided to recruit some people and turn it into an actual live band and he got Nick, who plays guitar in Destruction Unit now. His brother Rusty plays bass. We had an older drummer named Justin, who was playing drums, and about a couple years after they reformed with that line-up. I joined and Justin left, and then Andrew joined and that’s where the line-up is now. At this point it’s more of a full band and less of a project of just Ryan’s. But, when I first joined, it was, more or less, just Ryan’s project. So, my ideas for what I was trying to accomplish with it were pretty subtle compared to, probably, what his were cause it was his band. Now, that’s kind of changed, now it’s more a collaborative effort and everyone has their own input and their own ideas.

Tell me about what constitutes an ideal Destruction Unit show. Either, if you can speak to the whole band or just for yourself.

Jesco: The ideal Destruction Unit show… I’ll have to think about that for a minute… I suppose, just, for me I always appreciate playing with other bands I like and other friends of mine. So that’s usually the most important aspect, is that the environment is all people that are there for the right reason and are… I guess I shouldn’t say that, it’s nice to play shows where people have no idea what to expect as well. I don’t know, I guess there isn’t really an ideal Destruction Unit show. An ideal Destruction Unit show is one we all show up to, I guess.

Okay, and then what about an ideal show for you, personally, as an attendee.

Jesco: I try not to have specific ideals as to how shows should be because I feel like when I go to a show, I like not know what to expect and I like taking it as it is, and I think for a Destruction Unit show, it’s important to try and come into it with no expectations, whether it’s with us playing or with people coming to it or whatever. I think if you have a preconceived idea of how the ideal show should be, you’re limiting what you’re going to take from the actual experience. I don’t know, at least, that’s my thought behind going to a show or playing a show is trying not to have an ideal or specific idea of how it should go.

I think for a Destruction Unit show, it’s important to try and come into it with no expectations



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