Injury Reserve: TourKidd Launch Show Series

On the night of the launch show for the prototype of TourKidd’s web application, Injury Reserve, friends of the trio and TourKidd’s Michael Klint got together to talk about the intangible qualities of good live shows, the group’s experiences at SXSW, and the unanticipated waves that came along with the release of the video for “Whatever Dude“.



What formulates a good Injury Reserve show, in your guy’s opinions?

Parker: The sound and the crowd response.

Nate: The crowd willing to have fun… the crowd wanting to have fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what all matters, like, every set I’m going to be mad at myself about something about the set, but as long as the crowd enjoys it then that’s that really matters, you know? So, really, the crowd going in ready to have fun, and then hoping to god that the sound is good, like, cause unfortunately us, like, being a part of the scene, we’re some of the only acts that are using straight D.I. boxes that need amps and two vocals when everyone is just like playing. We need the speakers to sound good, we need the bass to sound good… Yeah, so, instead of just being a bunch of amps and then, like, two speakers for vocals, we’re running everything through the speakers. So, everything for us is just the sound being good and the crowd wanting to have fun, and we will have fun with the crowd.

Parker: Even if the speakers are shitty, sometimes we have fun with the crowd.

Nate: Yeah, it’s the crowd, really.

Okay, so then what about as show-goers, like, at this event tonight. What do you look for, or, what constitutes a good show as a show attendee?

Groggs: The crowd being into it.

Parker: The sound and the crowd.

Nate: What makes a good show a good show is, like… it being set up in a genuine way, like, nothing being forced or, like, too much, the sound being good and it being organized.

Parker: Just, like, the vibe…

Nate: Yeah, but you can’t really say “vibe”, like, you know what I mean?

Parker: Yeah, it’s such an abstract concept.

Nate: Yeah, just, like, things being genuinely created.

So, to that end, tell me about your SXSW dates. What was it like playing and attending such an extensive fest? How do you feel you were received?

Nate: It was extremely fun, it was one of our goals that we wanted to do, and a at a certain point we thought that we weren’t going to get it because of where we were at in releasing stuff. Luckily, it happened for us.

Parker: Shout out to Nick

Nate: Obviously, shout out to Nick. For us, it was less about the shows and more about the people that we got to shake hands with and the events that we got to go to, and that was… like, the shows were cool, I mean, we didn’t get a lot out of the shows.

Parker: For who saw us, it was well received.

Nate: We gained 15 fans and put faces to a lot of people that had heard us and seen us that we were surprised had heard us and seen us, like, somewhat important people. That sounds really corny.

Parker: We met Nardwuar.

Nate: It was just, like, we got to be around people that we got to really look up to and some of them knew who we were somehow and that was the biggest thing for it. It was really motivating and humbling at the same time.

Parker: We want to play House of Vans next year. That’s our new goal.

Nate: Yeah, we want to play House of Vans next year. Yeah, cause of House of Vans is the shit and we were V.I.P., so, yeah. Really, it was more about the people that we met, the hands that we shook, just seeing how people do this. The shows were great; it was a great opportunity to do the shows

Tell me about the making of the video for “Whatever Dude” and what challenges or benefits, or what the experience was like filming with Snapchat.

Nate: Uhm, we didn’t film with Snapchat.

Parker: We actually filmed it on, like, a $5000 camera. On his [points to Nick] camera, actually.

Nate: Yeah, we filmed it on a really expensive camera.

Parker: He’s (Nick) the director.

Nate: Nick came up with the idea… um, shout out to Nick. That was him that just walked by. Nick came up with the idea and we were thinking about how we should execute it. It was inspired by Young Jake.

Parker: Kind of, our little take on the internet wave.

Nate: We were actually skeptical on if it was biting or not and we went and asked our friend Will Neibergall, who Young Jake likes, and we asked him if it would be too much, and he said it was a good idea. So, Parker came up with, like, a really, really easy way to do it.

Parker: Shout out to blending modes.

Nate: He’s not going to say it, all he’s going to say is blending modes. But, so, we filmed it and the first day of filming was, like, really underwhelming. We didn’t get anything done and we were trying to figure out how to do it, and we ended up not using any of it.

Parker: We used a couple shots. We used the inside the studio shots, the car shots… we used a couple shots.

Nate: We used six seconds of footage. It was underwhelming, but it was kind of like a learning experience to the point where we were trying to figure out how to do it for it to look good. So, like, all we had to do was go and look in peoples Snapchat stories and see “okay, this is how people Snapchat” to get ideas, like, to get angles and stuff like that, because I know it looks like it was on a phone but we were carrying a camera that was like this [motions hands to show camera size]. So, like, I’m like this, like, in the show, you know how we’re doing one in the show? Have you seen the video?


Nate: Okay, like, there’s the show set, like, he’s carrying the camera and I’m holding it. So, it was like a real difficult process. But, once we got going, it was really easy because you just do, like, spontaneous things that you do on Snapchat, cause you don’t plan to do anything on Snapchat, you know? So that’s why it was, like, genuine, you know?

The way it was promoted and the way I heard about it was like “oh, these guys filmed a video through Snapchat” and I thought that was interesting because I’ve only seen one other band use a phone [to shoot a video] or promote it like that, which is interesting.

Nate: Yeah, and they still won’t cosign it. They’ve seen it, Snapchat’s seen it and they won’t cosign it. We know that they’ve seen it. We know that they like it. And they won’t cosign it.

Parker: They’ve seen it. We know they… One of them responded to Nick. Some of them said they liked it.

Nate: So, and, and Kyle’s people, cause Rick and Kyle know us, when we were at South By and we saw them, Rick said that they were thinking about buying the concept off of us cause they are in hands with Snapchat.

Groggs: You got to tell him about the day after though…

Parker: What day after?

Groggs: The day after we dropped the video.

Nate: What?

Groggs: You could play music on Snapchat

Nate: Oh yeah! They did the music shit right after we dropped the Snap.

Groggs: The exact day after.

Nate: You know how you can play music now? That was done after we did the video.



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