Instructions: TourKidd Launch Show Series

While celebrating the release of prototype for it’s web application, TourKidd’s Michael Klint sat down with Justin James of Tempe’s own Instructions to discuss the takeaways that come with the privilege of being in a band, the making of the “Tony” video, and the overarching sentiments of being from, and playing to, the Phoenix music scene.




So, what do you consider your highlights of your time in Instructions? What have you learned from being in Instructions?

Justin: Hmmm… I think highlights are really just after every show, when there’s a lot of energy between the band and the crowd, when there’s, like, this connection, so that everybody’s moving and everybody’s dancing and everyone’s having a good time, and then, afterwards, people come up and talk and hang out. And so, it happens routinely. There are… although there are some shows that are better than others, it’s any kind of show where you get that crow participation and crowd enjoyment, and that’s probably the highlight.

I’ve learned that, like, with a lot of venues, set times are not what they say they are… hah no, what have I learned from being in Instructions… I think I’ve just learned how to get along with everybody in the scene and just, like, have everybody jive together. I don’t know, it’s tough to say, I guess.

Okay, so, tell me about the making of the “Tony” video. Just, how that went, generally… what you enjoyed from that as well…

Justin: Yeah, that was really fun. We had this idea where we wanted to make it like a messed up video game cause a lot of the guitar parts are really kind of, like, fast and glitchy, you know? And so, we wanted to be in mech suits, and since we can’t afford mech suits, we came up with some kind of, like, hybrid thing, and so we went and we actually played in a garage and manipulated the film and played to a track that was super slowed down, so that, when you play it back it looks like we’re kind of, like, tweaking out, I guess… and then, put a bunch of colors on it from the projector and put ourselves in, like, the mech suits, cause we all love video games. We all love Star Fox, and so we just wanted to roll with that aesthetic. We made Robby the shitty big boss we had to beat.



Tell me your about your experience and thoughts on being a band in the Tempe, or Phoenix, music scene.

Justin: Alright, so, this something that everybody in the band cares a lot about, and that’s that when you go to other places in the country, people don’t know anything about Phoenix. People don’t know anything about Tempe, which totally sucks. Like, it makes sense that they don’t know, but, it totally sucks because there’s so much cool stuff happening here, and I think this is really the up and coming city. A lot of what everybody in the art scene, specifically, is doing in Phoenix and Tempe is super progressive, super unique… this is kind of the playground for people. We have the liberty to do whatever we want, you know? There’s no set establishment to tell us “you can’t do that” and so that’s how you come with really crazy acts, like, Treasure Mammal, just, like, as an example, like, that’s such an awesome band and I can’t see them anywhere else other than, like, Phoenix, you know? Playboy Manbaby, again, that’s another dope-ass band that I think would only come from living here, and I think it’s kind of shitty when people are from Arizona, or from Phoenix and Tempe, they grew up here, they go to college, they get an education, they really like cool music and stuff, and they decide to go somewhere else. But, we really like it when people try to build what they want here, you know?

I think this is really the up and coming city



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