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{desert wierdness on cassette}

by Khayree

In the first 8 years of the 21st century, the town became a so-so place for creative folk as the city’s bohemian main street was swallowed by corporate sprawl and artistic destitution. What’s worse was that ASU was already notorious as an incubator for bro-dom and all other sorts of cultural bleh.

Between 2009 and 2012, Tempe witnessed a revival.

Robbie Pfeffer was and remains among the most dynamic and influential individuals at the epicenter of a cultural revolution in Tempe that started ca. 2009.

Zine editor, promoter, venue owner, cartoonist, and musician, Pfeffer manages to consistently push the boundaries of what the locals think is possible on the eastern fringes of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

By 2011, the post-war architecture baked neatly into the town landscape found its integrity tested by near-nightly DIY exhibitions packed to the ceilings with Tempe’s young indie music lovers.

His newest project: Rubber Brother Records

Aesthetically, what characterized the Tempe scene born of the two (largely) productive years of explosive, (largely) improvised, creative chaos was a passion for pastiche–if you could adequately describe a show in terms of the genre of the bands that played, Pfeffer and the forces of the ’09 Tempe revival had little to do with it.

The lineup housed by Rubber Brother Records reflects the eclecticism and fun-or-nothing attitude of the scene that spawned it.

Some of our favorites from the Rubber Brother roster in some particular order:

playboy manbaby

lunar hood



echo bombs

emby alexander

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