Playboy Manbaby: TourKidd Launch Show Series

During the launch show for the prototype of its web application, TourKidd had a chat in a basement of the Icehouse with Playboy Manbaby, a trumpety punk band from Tempe, AZ.  After two other interviews with TourKidd, Playboy Manbaby hardly needs an introduction.


Introduce yourselves with your name, what you play, and the kind of animal that you would be if it has changed since our last interview with you guys.

Robbie Pfeffer: yells at people, “I’m some sort of serial animal, like Toby the Tiger”

Chris Hudson: bass, bull frog

Chad Dennis: drums, Bullshit Beyoncé

TJ Friga: guitar, mongoose

Not interviewed

David Cosme: trumpet


What is a common challenge that you guys face while on tour that you’d like to see the future TourKidd app help you out with?

Chad: Some of the difficulty of touring is having places to stay, so having a place to stay when you go [on tour] would be nice, especially on a DIY tour.  [On DIY tours] you’re not making a lot of money every night, so paying for hotels is not very economical in the grand scheme of things.  That’s what I would like to see in the TourKidd app.

TJ: I think we’ve been waiting for something like [the TourKidd app] to exist, and that before TourKidd’s idea there wasn’t any centralized source of information where you can say, “This is the venue, this is the contact, this is where [the band] is going to stay, this is the promoter…”  That was all information that was separated and hard to find, and the fact that [the TourKidd prototype] exists is ideal….If we had [the TourKidd app] on our last tour, that would have helped tremendously, so we’re looking forward to giving it a test run.


Amongst yourselves, who would you fuck, who would you kill, and who would you marry?

Robbie: All of them with Dave (Cosme).

Chris: I’d go fuck myself…I’ll kill Dave if [Robbie] is going to fucking marry him, and I’ll marry Chad. [Chad] seems like a good long-term partner.

Chad: I would definitely fuck Dave, because that beard is some nice shit right there.  I’d probably have to kill Dave’s trumpet though, and I’d probably marry Dave’s beard.  I’m just all about Dave, on all of this.

TJ: In the spirit of polygamy, I want to marry everyone, but I’d fuck Chris because he looks like a bear.  And Dave’s got to die…Dave’s only got to die because he knows the most secrets.


Since your last tour, has Playboy Manbaby started developing songs around Bullshit Beyoncé, and do you guys have plans to tour in the near future?

Chris: Yes, we will [write about Bullshit Beyoncé] at some point…and we’re on the next Mrs. Carter tour with Beyoncé.

Robbie: Imagine the lifestyle difference we’d have if we were on a Beyoncé tour.  Just the idea that we’d ever even get to talk to Beyoncé…we’re from completely different planets, like what is it like to have people hand you money and take pictures of you for your entire life? I can’t relate to that…that’s a whole different experience.

TJ: Why didn’t Kelly Rowland get no love? Where’s the solo career there? C’mon.


A quote to capture this band, this show, this moment?

Chad: I just want to thank everybody who comes to shows, and rest in peace, Space Alien Donald.


TourKidd talked with more bands at its launch show that night.  Click here to check out the other interviews.



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