Saw Fox: TourKidd Launch Show Series

During the launch show for the prototype of its web application, TourKidd had a chat in a basement of the Icehouse with Sax Fox, an acoustic “spooky” folk duo from Tempe, AZ.  They invented new colors.


Introduce yourselves with your name, what you play, and your ideal imaginary color.

Anna C. Rossland: guitar, vocals

Adrienne Chavez: viola

Saw Fox collective imaginary color: floral-galaxy


What is the conception story of Saw Fox?

Anna: Saw Fox started a little more than a year ago.  I was about to leave for the Peace Corps in Paraguay, and I had a lot of feelings and I wanted to talk about my feelings.  So, I started writing songs and- [she interrupts herself with a ‘cheesiness’ disclaimer] I had a moment with nature when I saw a fox…I wanted to record before I left, and Adrienne appeared into my life, which was fantastic…and then we came [to the Icehouse] to record our first EP.  And that’s what we did.


Does Saw Fox travel often?

Adrienne: We took our first road trip together just to hang at South by Southwest.  Sixteen hours in the car together, that was an experience.

Anna: It was definitely a bonding moment for the group.  There was a lot of hungriness, a lot of grumpiness, a lot of giggles.  We went through so many playlists.


Despite all the shitty parts of touring and traveling, what about Saw Fox makes it all worthwhile?

Adrienne: It’s easy to create music together, like just sounds…We’re always just fiddling around with sounds and it’s easier, I think, to do that together than when we’re apart.

Anna: We both come from different musical backgrounds.  I have a lot of likes that are totally different from [Adrienne’s] likes, musically.  When we sit in a room together and we just play together, it works out.  We just have a lot of fun, it feels right.


What is your go-to drink while on tour?

Adrienne: I can’t resist coffee.

Anna: We had so many coffee shop stops on the road.  Also, in Paraguay, there’s a drink called tereré…you drink it in a little thing called a guampa and it looks like a bowl of green…it looks like you might be traveling with some sort of paraphernalia, but it’s delicious.


What is a common challenge that you face while on tour that you’d like to see the future TourKidd app help you out with?

Anna: Definitely finding the right venue for the right kind of sound that we want to give.

Adrienne: [The TourKidd app] is such a great idea, so innovative for the art community.

Anna: [The TourKidd app] would make it so much easier for bands to group together, I think it’s wonderful.


A quote to capture this band, this show, this moment?

Anna: Only you can prevent forest fires.


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