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Injury Reserve: TourKidd Launch Show Series

On the night of the launch show for the prototype of TourKidd’s web application, Injury Reserve, friends of the trio and TourKidd’s Michael Klint got together to talk about the intangible qualities of good live shows, the group’s experiences at SXSW, and the unanticipated waves that came along with the release of the video for “Whatever Dude“.



What formulates a good Injury Reserve show, in your guy’s opinions?

Parker: The sound and the crowd response.

Nate: The crowd willing to have fun… the crowd wanting to have fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what all matters, like, every set I’m going to be mad at myself about something about the set, but as long as the crowd enjoys it then that’s that really matters, you know? So, really, the crowd going in ready to have fun, and then hoping to god that the sound is good, like, cause unfortunately us, like, being a part of the scene, we’re some of the only acts that are using straight D.I. boxes that need amps and two vocals when everyone is just like playing. We need the speakers to sound good, we need the bass to sound good… Yeah, so, instead of just being a bunch of amps and then, like, two speakers for vocals, we’re running everything through the speakers. So, everything for us is just the sound being good and the crowd wanting to have fun, and we will have fun with the crowd.

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