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Injury Reserve: TourKidd Launch Show Series

On the night of the launch show for the prototype of TourKidd’s web application, Injury Reserve, friends of the trio and TourKidd’s Michael Klint got together to talk about the intangible qualities of good live shows, the group’s experiences at SXSW, and the unanticipated waves that came along with the release of the video for “Whatever Dude“.



What formulates a good Injury Reserve show, in your guy’s opinions?

Parker: The sound and the crowd response.

Nate: The crowd willing to have fun… the crowd wanting to have fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what all matters, like, every set I’m going to be mad at myself about something about the set, but as long as the crowd enjoys it then that’s that really matters, you know? So, really, the crowd going in ready to have fun, and then hoping to god that the sound is good, like, cause unfortunately us, like, being a part of the scene, we’re some of the only acts that are using straight D.I. boxes that need amps and two vocals when everyone is just like playing. We need the speakers to sound good, we need the bass to sound good… Yeah, so, instead of just being a bunch of amps and then, like, two speakers for vocals, we’re running everything through the speakers. So, everything for us is just the sound being good and the crowd wanting to have fun, and we will have fun with the crowd.

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Red Tank Tour Diary III: Eugene through Seattle

The following events took place during a tour which ran from June 24 through July 11, 2015.

In Sacramento, we woke up and got gas station coffee for the drive to Eugene. On the way, desolate yellow flatland transfigured before our eyes into the majestic forestry and mountain terrain that was the Pacific Northwest (the PNW). We watched an anime in the car that Kelsea had given us called Tekkonkinkreet. It was a touching narrative about two brothers and the importance of balance. It affected me at a visceral level.

In Oregon, you’re legally required to have someone pump your gas. However, they also had an excitable blue tank-topped bro at the Dutch Bros. stand who was happy to welcome us to the PNW. Some things are the same everywhere you go.

In Eugene, we arrived at The Boreal, a precious, communally operated DIY space–very much reminiscent of The Trunk Space back home.Continue Reading..


Chase H. Mason describes Gatecreeper “firsts” & rudiments of booking tours

At the end of March, TourKidd sat down with Chase H. Mason of Phoenix’s most prominent local death metal act, Gatecreeper, to discuss the band’s very first tour, as well as his own affiliations with the DIY ideology as they pertain to local involvements. Chase explains how his own observations, connections, and his commitments at The Mantooth Group prompted him to book a fulfilling first tour and establish a strong cornerstone for future tours of greater calibers.

To hear more about Chase’s thoughts on Gatecreeper’s first tour and his general approach to booking, touring, and the importance of DIY, check out the interview’s full audio recording (link is located at the end of the article).

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John Hoffman Talks “DIY” Within Weekend Nachos and Hardcore Punk

TourKidd was fortunate enough to get in touch with John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos, Spine, and Bad Teeth Recordings, prior to his departure for Weekend Nacho’s first ever tour through Japan, to review the relevance the “DIY” ethic plays in his different creative ventures and its importance to the larger hardcore punk community. John provided elaboration behind the dedicated sentiments that fuel his current ambitions and the initial observations that sparked his fervent and enthusiastic motivations.It’s these personal motivations that have really driven Weekend Nachos to evolve into a position where they’re, more or less, beyond reproach, with Spine starting to follow in a similar trajectory.  
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Patrick Kindlon on Honesty, “DIY”, and Dangers of Fast Food

TourKidd recently met with Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family,  outside The Nile Theatre, on their tour with Goodtime Boys, to talk about his views on creativity and honesty in the alternative music community. He also offered some poignant critique of what could be called the “D.I.Y. ethic”, among many subcultural tropes and themes we’re all more or less familiar with.

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Why being a show promoter means being a community builder, too
{it’s deeper than ticket sales.}

by Khayree Billingslea

The term “promoter” doesn’t quite explain it all in the sense that the word, taken at face value, doesn’t really describe the work and actual importance of what the people we call “[good] promoters” do.
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New Found Sound | Rubber Brother Records
{desert wierdness on cassette}

by Khayree

In the first 8 years of the 21st century, the town became a so-so place for creative folk as the city’s bohemian main street was swallowed by corporate sprawl and artistic destitution. What’s worse was that ASU was already notorious as an incubator for bro-dom and all other sorts of cultural bleh.

Between 2009 and 2012, Tempe witnessed a revival.
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Small Business Saturday

Big ups to @lotuswei@swappow@youngandunited,@sitgreen@popularpays,
@seedspot,@goldenruletattoo, and @statebicycleco for local/small biz radness! #SmallBusinessSaturday


TourDiary #1 – How DIY Musicians Describe Being on Tour

By Khayree Billingslea

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”

— H. Keller

You go to your favorite local band’s “Tour Kick-Off” show.

You know the crow.
The crowd knows the words.
The band shouts out to the fans and community members that have been so supportive of them and their growth, thus far.
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How TourKidd Was Born
{…the coffee was black}

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

― J. Kerouac

This is not the story of some Standford business grad with an idea and a pile of investor capital sitting in the bank. TourKidd’s story doesn’t being in a think tank, or a focus group, or as some computer science major’s honor’s thesis.

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TourKidd Joins the SEED SPOT Family {…we’re the artsy step-newphews}

TourKidd is proud to announce admission for the 2013 fall program at SEED SPOT, a startup incubator in Phoenix, Arizona!

We’ve been putting pen to pad and pixel to processor to make the TourKidd dream—a world in which musicians can tour smarter—a reality.

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