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Instructions: TourKidd Launch Show Series

While celebrating the release of prototype for it’s web application, TourKidd’s Michael Klint sat down with Justin James of Tempe’s own Instructions to discuss the takeaways that come with the privilege of being in a band, the making of the “Tony” video, and the overarching sentiments of being from, and playing to, the Phoenix music scene.




So, what do you consider your highlights of your time in Instructions? What have you learned from being in Instructions?

Justin: Hmmm… I think highlights are really just after every show, when there’s a lot of energy between the band and the crowd, when there’s, like, this connection, so that everybody’s moving and everybody’s dancing and everyone’s having a good time, and then, afterwards, people come up and talk and hang out. And so, it happens routinely. There are… Continue Reading..


Red Tank Tour Diary III: Eugene through Seattle

The following events took place during a tour which ran from June 24 through July 11, 2015.

In Sacramento, we woke up and got gas station coffee for the drive to Eugene. On the way, desolate yellow flatland transfigured before our eyes into the majestic forestry and mountain terrain that was the Pacific Northwest (the PNW). We watched an anime in the car that Kelsea had given us called Tekkonkinkreet. It was a touching narrative about two brothers and the importance of balance. It affected me at a visceral level.

In Oregon, you’re legally required to have someone pump your gas. However, they also had an excitable blue tank-topped bro at the Dutch Bros. stand who was happy to welcome us to the PNW. Some things are the same everywhere you go.

In Eugene, we arrived at The Boreal, a precious, communally operated DIY space–very much reminiscent of The Trunk Space back home.Continue Reading..