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Small Business Saturday

Big ups to @lotuswei@swappow@youngandunited,@sitgreen@popularpays,
@seedspot,@goldenruletattoo, and @statebicycleco for local/small biz radness! #SmallBusinessSaturday


How TourKidd Was Born
{…the coffee was black}

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

― J. Kerouac

This is not the story of some Standford business grad with an idea and a pile of investor capital sitting in the bank. TourKidd’s story doesn’t being in a think tank, or a focus group, or as some computer science major’s honor’s thesis.

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TourKidd Joins the SEED SPOT Family {…we’re the artsy step-newphews}

TourKidd is proud to announce admission for the 2013 fall program at SEED SPOT, a startup incubator in Phoenix, Arizona!

We’ve been putting pen to pad and pixel to processor to make the TourKidd dream—a world in which musicians can tour smarter—a reality.

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