The Thin Bloods: TourKidd Launch Show Series

During the launch show for the prototype of its web application, TourKidd had a chat in a basement of the Icehouse with the Thin Bloods, a punk rock band from Tempe, AZ.  This is what happened.


Introduce yourselves with your name, what you play, and the kind of vegetable that you would be if you were a vegetable.

Jordan Owen: guitar, squash

Chris “Sometimes”: drums (sometimes), tomato

Colson Miller: guitar & vocals, bell peppers

Brendon Garrison: bass, carrots

The Thin Bloods collective spirit vegetable: asparagus


What was the first show that you guys ever played?

[The Thin Bloods went by a different name the first time the group performed together as a band.  The concert was in Mesa, AZ and “was a scary” experience, according to some of the band members.  The Thin Bloods were called to play a show only a couple hours before the concert started, and they were very ill-prepared.]


How has interacting with your audiences at shows influenced the band’s creative process and performances?

The Thin Bloods: It depends on the show.  Once we started doing Tempe shows at Parliament, it changed a little bit just because the kids were younger and way more responsive to high energy music.  But now, it’s maybe going a different way.


If you were to introduce someone to The Thin Bloods with only one of your guys’ songs, which one of your songs would you play for him/her?

The Thin Bloods: “Marty” or “Sharp Teeth”


What is a common challenge that you face while on tour that you’d like to see the future TourKidd app help you out with?

The Thin Bloods: Contact information for the people booking the shows, because sometimes you get ahold of (the booking agent) over Facebook, but then you’re at the venue and you’re like, “Oh fuck, where is that person?  What can I do? Who else can I talk to?”  To have multiple contacts, that would be tight.

Having a good list of other bands in the area to play with would be good, too.  That’d be kind of cool, to know who the other bands are.

People to volunteer their houses up, crash spots, for us while we’re on tour.  And the amenities at the crash spot?


A quote to capture this band, this show, this moment?

The Thin Bloods: I blame it all on my floppy back pocket.


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