TourKidd Says “Thank You” to SEED SPOT and Community

We spent about a week thinking about how to speak on our time with SEED SPOT and we decided one word encapsulated everything we felt needed to be said.

That word was “gratitude.”

So, if you’re busy–if you don’t really have time to read this blog from start to finish–all you really need to take away from this post is that we are grateful beyond words for our time with SEED SPOT, the artists and entrepreneurs we’ve met through the SEED SPOT full-time venture program.

Their goal wasn’t to teach us how to build a business. They didn’t set out to teach us how to manage spreadsheets. At no point did we ever get the impression the primary aim of SEED SPOT was to give us the tools that would turn us into overnight Mark Zuckerbergs; however, this isn’t to say none of those things happened, but it never seemed to be the focus of what they wanted to accomplish.

The SEED SPOT family (Courtney Klein, Mike Rudinski, Pat Armstrong, Oscar Carter, Joe Dunnigan, and many, many others listed below) welcomed the TourKidd team into their incubator with open arms and taught how to…to put it simply…make something good for the world, to build something that we could stand behind.

From the initial candidate interviews, to Demo Day, SEED SPOT effectively nurtured our idea into what TourKidd can, with pride, call a business. They pushed us to engage in a rigorous customer development process wherein we reached out to nearly every musician and promoter in our phone contacts, Facebook friend lists, Twitter accounts, and Pinterest profiles (we don’t actually have Pinterest accounts [correction: Nick may have a Pinterest account]) to ask them exactly what kind of technology we could develop that would actually help solve the problems they face in the independent music community.

We were floored by the intensity of the love, enthusiasm, and support we received from the community.

We see you.

Thank you. Thank you, so much.

–The TourKidd Team

If you are interested in startups, are currently working on a business of your own, or have an idea you believe can make a positive social impact on the world, we encourage you to apply to the SEED SPOT venture progams.

Some moments from our time at SEED SPOT


Here’s a not-so-comprehensive list of folks who’ve helped us out along the way:

Michelle DonovanThe Mantooth Group
Joe Dunnigan, Swappow & Cowtown Skateboards
John O’Hagan, The Golden Rule Tattoo
Jason Anthony Freeman, The Golden Rule Tattoo
Dave Maxwell, The Golden Rule Tattoo
Jake Bartelds, Kashyyk
Rich Melling, Kashyyk
Robbie Pfeffer, Playboy Manbaby Rubber Brother Records
Andrew Waterhouse, Tres Lunas
Matthew Potter, Tres Lunas
Mehdi Farsi, State Bicycle Co.
Ryan Osterman, Owl & Penny
Bradley Kleeman, Northern Hustle
Jonathan Malfabon, Northern Hustle
Drew Dunlap, Northern Hustle
Jessica Millet, WebPT
Brad Janenga, WebPT
Nicholas Hyeong Kunz, The Rendering
Alex Parma, The Underground Foundation
Ash Ponders, Aptfolk
Mike Schouder, Good Guy, Inc.
Michael Duah, Plain English Consulting
Jake Randall, Feed Me the Forest
Jake Dixon, Feed Me the Forest
Adam Roussas, Feed Me The Forest
Chris Linkovich, Cruel Hand
Tom Patterson, Slingshot Dakota
Dane Jarvie, Senteons
Shanice MalakaiMalakai Creative
Anthony Brant, Fuzzywallz Mastering
Ben Brantlinger, The Landing
Mike Bogumil, Phoenix New Times
Eric Freedman, Sublime with Rome (Tour Manager)
PJ Jefferson, Balance and Composure
Anonymous, ManCat
Catie Vernon, Good Person of Chicago
Joshua “J-Lo” Lopez
, The Secrets We Keep
Mark Garza, Funeral Sounds Records
Joe ZieglerLeftmore
Joel Kirschenbaum, Alaska
Yasin Muhammad, Old Jack City
Andrew Raffield, Ready Resist
Tanner Conrad, Krampvs
Adam Bevel, Arkham
Bill “Mouse” Powell, Mouse Powell
Tyler Changet, DJ Ughog
Ryan Weddle, Katastro
Hunter Clifton Mann, Lifer and Nouns
Andrew Jonathan Hursh, Andrew Jonathan
Greg Bendau, Desolate Demise
Zak Sprenger, Audiobakery
Andre Chang, Colours in Japan
Jonathan Delarosa, The Friendly Beard of Doom
Most of Swerp Mansion

And, last, but, not least, SEED SPOT’s executive board:

Courtney Klein & Michael Rudinsky



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