Will Neibergall and Pro Teens: TourKidd Launch Show Series

During the launch show for the prototype of its web application, TourKidd had a chat in a basement of the Icehouse with Will Neibergall, a D.J./hip-hop artist from Tempe, AZ.  TourKidd also interviewed Pro Teens, a band with a retro, pop and surf sound based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Their interviews were probably the most unique of the night.


Will Neibergall

Introduce yourself with your name, the different projects that you’re involved with, and the kind of animal that you would be if you were an animal.

Will Neibergall: a virus

Will: Viruses are that gray area where the classification methods in biology kind of fall apart because, depending on which biologist you ask, [a virus] is either a living thing or not a living thing.  I did a hip-hop project for five years called “Glass Popcorn,” and now I have a D.J. project called “Lady Cop.”


You seem to have a lot of energy and connect with your audience while you perform.  How important is it for you to have that intimate experience with your audiences?

Will: Well you see, I don’t really do anything when I perform.  My music is very simple and I’m just not very talented, so when I perform I like touching people and making sure they’re paying attention to me.  Otherwise, if I just sit there [the audience] is not going to think that anyone is doing anything and they’re going to leave.  So mainly, it’s very important for me to touch people to make sure they stay in the room and are notified of my being there.


What potential, you believe, does the TourKidd app have to assist people in independent music communities?

Will: I think [the TourKidd app] is pretty cool…it’s probably a good idea to put different people in Phoenix and elsewhere to [facilitate] dialogue with each other.  Most collectives and bands just kind of ignore each other’s existence, so I feel like [the TourKidd app] is good for that.


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Will: I woke up at like 1 p.m….but [for his first meal he] ate some chips and salsa.


Pro Teens

Introduce yourselves with your name, what you play, and your favorite breakfast cereal. 

Matt Tanner: drums, Reese’s Puffs

Andy Phipps: guitar, vocals and synth (sometimes), Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Chris Del Favero: lead tambourine, SpaghettiOs

Zack Parker: bass, Oh’s

Molly Parker: guitar and synth, Golden Grahams with Oat Bran

Not interviewed

Michael Coto: guitar and synth, Honey Bunches of Oates


What would Pro Teens’ ideal first tour be?

Pro Teens: West coast, something affordable.


How do you think the TourKidd app might help you guys accomplish Pro Teens’ goal of going on tour?

Pro Teens: Specifically for house shows, or places that are not typical venues, places that have P.A.s or don’t have P.A.s, so you know if you need to supply one…Booking tours for house shows for a small band like us is the way to go.  And [to know] if places would let you stay the night there, too…[the TourKidd app] should have little dollar signs [next to each crash spot] like Yelp.


A quote to capture this band, this show, this moment?

Pro Teens: Listen to Sun Ra…listen to Sheryl Crow.


TourKidd talked with more bands at its launch show that night.  Click here to check out the other interviews.



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